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BeoSound Balance

BeoSound Balance


Innovative, wireless home speaker


A wireless speaker with a dynamic acoustic performance designed to be positioned up against the wall on a shelf or side table in your home. Impressive sound compared to its size.

  • Additional Product Information

    Sound Sculpture.

    Beosound Balance is a wireless speaker with a dynamic acoustic performance, designed to be display friendly and inspired by interior objects and the use of soft, appealing and well-curated materials, colours and finishes. Placement up against the wall is ideal for optimal listening, whether from room-filing to focused sound experiences.

  • Technical Specifications

    Speaker Drivers

    2 x 5,25” woofer drivers

    2 x 3” fullrange drivers

    2 x 2” full range drivers

    1 x 3⁄4” tweeter

    Power Amplifiers

    Non-clipped peak (W)
    2 x Class D at 200 W for woofer
    4 x Class D at 100 W for full range

    1 x Class D at 80 W for tweeter

    Frequency Range

    37 - 23.000 Hz


    Active Room Compensation Sound Directivity
    Proximity sensors
    Tone touch



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