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BeoLab 90

BeoLab 90


Vision of sound


Perhaps the world’s most advanced digital loudspeaker. Unprecedented power and acoustic performance adapting seamlessly to your living space and listening modes.


Price is indicative only. Final price will be provided by the local store and may vary based on configuration.

Aluminium Crown
  • Additional Product Information

    The Intelligent Loudspeaker

    BeoLab 90 contains a multitude of technologies. It´s a perfect mix of world-class design and acoustics in, what may well be, the most complete and powerful digital loudspeaker designed for use in your home. This highly intelligent loudspeaker provides you with clarity, range and a sound staging that is second-to-none. BeoLab 90 features an impressive 360-degree design, has a variety of settings, and regardless of its placement, the room or your listening position it will give you mind-blowing sound.

  • Technical Specifications

    Recommended Room Size

    30-200 m² 300-2000 ft²

    Speaker Configuration

    7 x Scan-Speak Illuminator 30 mm, Tweeter

    7 x Scan-Speak Illuminator 86 mm, Midrange

    3 x Scan-Speak Discovery 212 mm, Woofer

    1 x Scan-Speak Revelator 260 mm, Front Woofer


    For tweeters: 7 x Bang & Olufsen ICEpower AM300-X

    For midranges: 7 x Bang & Olufsen ICEpower AM300-X

    For woofers: 3 x Heliox AM1000-1

    For front woofer: 1 x Heliox AM1000-1

    Frequency Range

    15 – 43,000 Hz

    Maximum Sound Pressure Level @1m

    126 dB SPL

    Bass Capability

    123 dB SPL

    Advanced Sound Features

    Active Room Compensation

    Adaptive Bass Linearization

    Beam Width Control

    Beam Direction Control (5 sides)

    Thermal Protection

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